WPF 4 Cached composition tests with Chronos

I have been doing some tests with the WPF 4 cached composition in chronos as a way of try to improve performance when dragging windows and widgets on Render Tier 1 machines.

Using cached composition on windows and widgets improves the dragging performance dramatically, but, the text maybe rendered a bit blurry, while it remains perfectly readable (it’s the first time i use the cached composition support of WPF 4 so maybe i have done something wrong).

I have done the test on a Rendering Tier 1 machine with Windows XP at 1280×1024, using two fonts:

  • Segoe WP (It’s the default font on Chronos v2.0)
  • Segoe UI.

The Cache mode property in the WorkspaceWindowStyle and WidgetStyle styles has been set as:

<BitmapCache EnableClearType="True" RenderAtScale="1" SnapsToDevicePixels="True" />

And finally the TextFormatting mode has been set as Display for one of the tests.

<Setter Property="TextOptions.TextFormattingMode" Value="Display" />

The screenshots shows the Chronos Navigator widget

  • Without using cached composition.
  • Using Cached composition.
  • Using Cached composition and the Display Text Formatting mode.

Here are the results when using Segoe WP.
CachedComposition-Segoe WP
And here when using Segoe UI.

CachedComposition-Segoe UI

Text rendering was better when using Segoe UI font, but that was expected.

Hope i will include cached composition support on widgets and windows in the Beta 2 of Chronos for  Rendering Tier 1 machines.

Update: Test on Rendering Tier 2 machine, Windows 7 at 1920×1200, using the Magnifier Tool at 300%, using Segoe WP font




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