Chronos v2.0 Beta 3 available for download

Release notes:

  • Updated introduction document.
  • Updated Visual Studio 2010 Extension (vsix) package.
  • Added horizontal scrolling to the main window TaskBar.
  • Added new styles for ListView, ListViewItem, GridViewColumnHeader, …
  • Added a new WindowViewModel class (allowing to fetch data).
  • Added a new Navigate method (with several overloads) to the NavigationViewModel class (protected).
  • Reimplemented Task usage for the WorkspaceViewModel.OnDelete method.
  • Removed the reflection effect from the shortcut style.
  • Removed the shadow effect from Widgets and Windows.
  • Removed opacity effect when a window or widget is deactivated (instead the header progressbar will change its color).
  • Changed the header rectangle, on Windows and Widgets, by a progressbar that will become in indeterminate state when the window ViewMode is set to Busy, the progressbar gets filled with solid colors instead of the gradients used in the old rectangle.
  • Changed Window Visibility to Collapsed when minimized.
  • Changed Workspace Window style ZoomView popup StayOpen property value to false.
  • Renamed all window styles, and added new ones.
  • Renamed all widget styles.

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